Help the Guys at Sign Quoting Improve your sign estimating skills:

All of us here at Sign Quoting are firm believers in listening to our sign makers and digital printers to hear exactly what they need us to change and improve on how quickly they can do a sign estimate. Listening and learning from our sign making customers is in our daily plan to improve our sign and print quoting service. Your sign making needs are changing, that’s why we need your help to design a better sign quoting online system.

Here is how you could win a free 3 months subscription to “Sign Quoting”:

  • Let us know your wild and crazy idea about improving our sign quoting web site
  • Advise what other sign estimating calculators you need
  • Do you have any helpful sign making knowledge you would be happy to share with us, like we do in our sign knowledge bank
  • Teach us any tips about sign making skills – and let us both improve the sign business world wide
  • Do you need more sign estimating help – tell us what you need
  • Do you need more info on sign makers wages
  • Do you want to know more about classifying sign buyers
  • Tell us your "wow" idea on making signs and prints
  • Show us your shop photos to share

How do we reward sign makers who share sign making innovations?

Four times a year we select the best sign making tip, wild and crazy sign making idea, sign tip, time saving sign tool tip, great suppliers you wish to share, do you have a top installer in a remote location you want to tell us about? …. Any and all sign innovations will be read and shared in our home page announcements feed – the best one from each quarter wins a free 3 month sign quoting subscription added to their account.

How do you find out?

At Sign Quoting we promise we will email you or phone you personally. We will also share the ideas and credit the originator on our announcements page. Lastly we will advise through Australia’s own Visual Industries Suppliers Association weekly eNews with a press release.

Ok, it's time to give us your best shot and tips on sign making!

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