This easy to use Aluminum Composite (ACM) cut out letter calculator provides a quick sign quote selection to allow for hours, various letter heights all using 3mm Aluminum Composite (ACM) for cut out lettering, mark ups and the catch all “other costs” field. Yet, still provides for installation and packing, all in just a few minutes.


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Cut out Aluminium Composite (ACM) letters, logos and symbols are produced using some of the most advanced computer controlled routing, laser cutters and engraving machines. Additionally the sign industries more traditional techniques like band saws, jig saws and the like are still used to produce cut out letters and architectural shapes. Aluminium Composite (ACM) is highly regarded as one of the newest, and becoming one of the most popular materials in the industry. It’s a beautiful material with high-end appeal, yet it is still an affordable option for many customers.

There are many applications for the Aluminium Composite (ACM) cut outs including shop fronts, building identification, reception signage just to name a few. Aluminium Composite (ACM) is a good medium to long term solution for all of these sign usages. Aluminium Composite (ACM) is suitable for painting in corporate colours in various paint systems like two pack paints and lacquers. The finish of the edge is not of the same quality as Acrylic cut out letters however, Aluminium Composite (ACM) is mainly used in a larger size range and predominately exterior usage.

Aluminium Composite (ACM) is a very versatile sheeting and cladding material.

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If you’re looking for some sales spin to build your cut out Aluminium Composite (ACM) lettering business, may we suggest a few ideas you could adapt to use on your sales literature, marketing and web site.

Punch line = Are you after a quality sign for your building or shop front?
Using our cutting edge routing technology, ”your company” can cut, route and create Aluminium Composite (ACM) lettering in a single prototype to large production runs. By utilising our in-house service you will have the advantages of reduced production time and increased quality.

You can work with our experienced and highly skilled design team or provide your own designs to ensure you receive Aluminium Composite (ACM) lettering with high impact and longevity. Get 3D lettering that will make businesses really pop.

We have the machinery and expertise to create lettering in Aluminium Composite (ACM) letters, Aluminium Composite (ACM) signage and Aluminium Composite (ACM) logos to suit your signage needs.

Contact us today to discuss your Aluminium Composite (ACM) lettering project. Our designers and fabricators are here to help.

Cut Out Letters - ACM Sheet Cut out Based on Letter Size

Letter Height Price 3mm
50mm $2.70
100mm $5.40
150mm $8.25
200mm $11.35
250mm $14.50
300mm $17.80
350mm $21.30
400mm $24.90
500mm $32.65
600mm $41.05
700mm $49.95
800mm $59.50
900mm $75.00
1000mm $80.50
1100mm $91.90
1200mm $155.80

Ensuring you cover everything - Sign Quoting Check List for Installing ACM Cut Out Letters

The installation process of Installing signs, cut out letters, digital print or in fact any signage needs to be considered in possibly every stage of the signage process. The aim of this sign quoting and cut out letters installation checklist is to make you aware of some of the drawbacks and often pitfalls that are sometimes encountered during the installation process. Careful considerations needs to be given to these costs and they will impact on the profit of your sign project. This check list has been provided as a downloadable document, which will allow you to build on and benefit your sign or digital print company

Design, Artwork and Administration Area for Cut Out ACM Letters

  • In reviewing the ACM cut out letter specifications have you cross checked that you have allowed for all types of sign hardware, sign background panels, sign materials and the like to complete the ACM cut out letter project
  • Does your company need to supply logo and/or artwork designs for the ACM cut out letter project
  • Do you need to allow for extra proofs for ACM cut out letter project to receive signed client artwork approvals
  • If your client has supplied their own sign or digital print artwork, is it ready and in proper format to cut out the ACM letters
  • Is Council / City approvals, permits, licences required for the installation of the ACM cut out letters
  • If so is your Sign and Digital print Company providing the necessary approvals, permits, licencing etc. for this ACM installation process
  • Have you requested a deposit from your ACM cut out letter client that will enable you to cover downsides for this cut out letter project
  • Have you allowed for a mark up on all signage and/or specialty materials required for this ACM cut out letter project

ACM Cut Out Letters Manufacturing Area

  • Is there any special requirements and/or preparation to complete this ACM cut out letter project
  • Do you require any form of specialised certificates to enable your company to perform the ACM cut out letter project
  • Has special attention been provided as to the size of the letters especially if in varying sizes
  • Have any specialised and/or high cost sign products been allocated for if required for the ACM cut out letter project
  • If digital printing is required for these letters as well, are yields in the sheet / roll conversions reasonable to manufacture the ACM cut out letters
  • Has a wastage percentage been allowed for during the manufacture of the cut out ACM letters
  • Is the allowance for the mark ups and the like adequate to cover the production of ACM cut out letters

ACM Cut Out Letter Installation

  • Has a cleaning charge been allowed for in the case of a site/building or the like requiring the area to be cleaned prior to installation of ACM cut out letters
  • Is your sign company responsible for the removal of the old signage from the building/site and installation of the new ACM cut out letters
  • For this installation of ACM cut out letters are there any specialised sign skills required
  • Have you considered if this ACM cut out letter installation process will be easy or difficult
  • Does the site require any excavation for the installation of ACM Cut out letters to be done to accommodate sign poles etc and if so have all relevant underground service checks been done
  • If the area doesn't contain soft soil have you allowed for a rock excavation allowance 
  • If the area is in a high pedestrian zone do you need to install safety signs and barriers, have these costs been allowed for 
  • Does the site installation workplace have certain laws and regulations regarding safety, hours or any other factors
  • Is this installation of ACM cut out letters risky? Extra time needs to be allowed for this
  • Are (MSDS) required for the onsite sign installs of ACM cut out letters
  • Is your company or representative aware of all WHS regulations for this ACM cut out letter project
  • Will any hazardous chemicals or adhesives be used during the installation of the ACM cut out letters
  • Will your sign ACM cut out installation staff require to wear any personnel protection equipment
  • Is the fabrication process for ACM cut out letters easy or difficult to achieve
  • Is site induction training required prior to installation of the ACM cut out letters
  • Is the install site managed and regulated possibly adding extra hours to the ACM Cut out installation project
  • Is travelling costs and hours required to  be added to the initial quote for ACM cut out letters
  • Is the install of these ACM Cut out letters to be completed in normal working hours, otherwise has overtime been accounted for
  • Is the ACM Cut out letter installation area in a pedestrian friendly zone or within close proximity to roads or traffic, will you need to allow for traffic control and/or safety access zones
  • Is the installation site safe, does it have adequate room and ventilation whilst installing the cut out ACM letters
  • Is the site powered and do you have access to enable easy install of the ACM cut out letters
  • Has a delivery and/or packaging costs been allocated for this ACM cut out letter project, so they will be delivered in a timely and undamaged manner to the client
  • Have your sign installers been briefed and are they aware they must take photographs of the ACM cut out letter installation site prior to leaving 

The list above is not all encompassing but gives you a good rundown and is gained from many years experience of running a sign manufacturing company,not for a minute do we suggest that it covers everything but we do recommend you download this document and build it by adding your own checkpoints to suit your own sign and digital print business.

We want to keep adding to this check list and as we have offered our list to you copyright free, we would appreciate having the opportunity of viewing your list, please feel free to email us with your personal sign installation checklist.

Your version could be uploaded or emailed via our you will be included in the best suggestion for that quarter and go in the running to win 3 months free subscription to

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