Visual Impact Sydney 2014 - Seminar - Sign Quoting is Winning Jobs a Mystery or a Myth


Complimenting the article in this months VI magazine this session puts forward thought provoking concepts and ideas for you to use in your sign and digital print business, to improve your win ratio in sign and print quotes.

We offer a couple of worksheets like a "Checklist for developing a pricing Strategy" it's a  checklist  designed to help you devise a sign and print pricing strategy, highlight key areas and gives you alternatives to take into consideration.  Another worksheet is a "Quoting Weekly Collection Chart "which offers a simple one page process to find your win versus loss ratio on quotes.

The key points of this fast paced session are:

  • View pricing from a customer’s perspective
  • Qualification of the project
  • What's the sign really worth?
  • Marketing, Marketing and more marketing
  • Competitive pricing strategies

You should walk away from this session inspired to win more sign projects and importantly the jobs you want!  Download the pdf for session dates and times. {module_literature,i,172469}


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