What is SignQuoting.com.au?

The sign quoting web based interface is a unique approach to the age old issue of “smashing out a really quick sign quote” - yet accurate! This sign or digital print quote saves spending time in setting things up with your pricing until you're seriously happy, with the sign quoting way of doing things you get quick sign business quotes!

Who are SignQuoting.com.au ?

We are a dedicated team of highly experienced creative professionals who have a passion about quoting and pricing. After servicing the sign, screen printing, large and grand format digital printing, engraving, laser and router cutter and all other graphic industry sign makers since the early 1970's we decided a novel new approach may assist our clients by simply making it easier to develop a quick sign and digital print quote system.

How is SignQuoting.com.au designed to help signmakers?

At SignQuoting.com.au we decided the cornerstones of our software design has to include:

  1. Intuitive to use, quick to learn and ready to use, is key to providing our clients easy to use sign estimating software
  2. Sign Quoting had to be mobile, able to be used on iPads, Android and both PC and Mac / Apple based computer systems. N.B. Apple, Mac iPads are the trademark names of the Apple Company and us little guys at “Sign Quoting’ claim no affiliation or interest in anyway whatsoever, except to say we love the great products they make
  3. Sign Quoting had to be able to be personalised with a letterhead to suit any sign, digital or general sign manufacturing shop
  4. Sign Quoting aims to deliver knowledge and increased wisdom, while helping with support and advice on sign estimating and quoting

Where did SignQuoting.com.au evolve from?

After watching the struggle sign people are faced with everyday while quoting we resolved to "change the status quo” about pre conceived ideas in regards to sign quoting. Sure, there are price guides, reference sheets and even sign quoting and business software AND importantly they all play a vital role in sign quoting, however we decided on a totally new approach to the old way of estimating sign and digital prints.

Why can we claim to know about Sign Quoting?

After running a large Sydney based sign, screen, digital and full service sign manufacturing business for 30 years we felt we could share some trade secrets, facts about making your life more fulfilling and your business grow. Our principal is a life member of the Australian Sign and Graphics Association, actively involved in training and developing innovation within the creative professional fields, as he states “anything made with lettering, images and design”. We are a collaborative group of sign and digital print software people that offer a wide range of exclusive, clever and practical sign business software. We are involved in the development of sign quoting and management software, consulting, business mentoring and a range of "soft services" to compliment the creative sign and digital print business you run. NO, we don’t make signs - we just provide a service to sign makers' needs to their business and software solutions. This simple common sense approach offers a range of sign and digital print services, on line via a single portal and direct links to a range of other sites and services offered to the sign industry.

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