Slimline Warehouse

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a: 4 Military Road
Broadmeadows VIC 3047

t: 1300 658 808
f: 03 9359 9211

About Slimline Warehouse
Slimline Warehouse - lightboxes with higher impact at a lower price. Slimline Warehouse proudly offers Australia's largest range of slimline light panels. Combining the effectiveness required by retailers with the elegance demanded by architects, our range is unprecedented in technological and aesthetic sophistication. We have the brightest, thinnest and most economical light boxes on the market, backed with 15 years industry experience. That's 15 years of research and development focused on answering the calls from the market - higher impact and lower price. So whether it's an outstanding counter-top visual or a nationwide roll-out with brilliant results, Slimline Warehouse has your product.