Miakoda Industries P/L

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a: 144 Marks Road

t: +61 2 4392 0155
f: +61 2 4392 0188

About Miakoda Industries P/L
Miakoda Industries are able to fit signage to nearly all applications whether installation is required on high elevations or concreted into the ground. All Installation crews have years of experience and are trained in the use of specialist access and lifting machinery. We are familiar with all aspects of signage, from banners to digital prints all illuminated signs, ACM products and cladding. AIP certified and RESI ticketed. Servicing anywhere by request and available 24/7. When this work is carried out our aim is to never lose sight that the public, our customer and our own safety are mandatory criteria for each and every sign installation project.

e: sales@miakoda.com.au
w: www.miakoda.com.au