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a: 19 Kevin Avenue

t: 1300 796 002
f: +61 9758 7807

About Melbourne Signs Pty Ltd
Full signage service including fabricated signage, pylons, light boxes, fabricated lettering, billboard banners, led signs, led video displays. We enjoy taking on the challenging projects, we have made some very interesting structures including a fiberglass ice counter for a ice bar, wrought iron signs, a sign made of Chuppa Chups (lolly pops) at the state library, a hanging light boxes on wires that appears to be floating which has internal illumination, a portable menu stand with internal rechargeable battery to run the lights and has a raise and lower function to enable to a person to wheel it in and out of a night but parked on the floor when on display and plus more. We have installers across Australia to manage your branding roll out.