Lightbox Warehouse Pty Ltd

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a: 134 Frances Street

t: +61 2 9648 0335

About Lightbox Warehouse Pty Ltd
Lightbox Warehouse produce Illuminated lightboxes and steel/aluminium sign frames. We provide an installation service optional with the purchase of one of our lightboxes or sign frames. We supply to the trade and do not engage in retail business. We look at ourselves as a supplier to the industry and that's how we would like to stay. Our company does NOT display our logo or any business details on our vehicles or uniforms, when supplying our product we are representing your business and consider ourselves as part of your business when on-site or making deliveries. We mainly produce fluorescent tubed lightboxes as this is generally what the market demands. We do make l.e.d lightboxes and l.e.d. slimline lightboxes.