Duro-Lenz Pty Ltd

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a: 15-21 Rosella Street

t: 03 9770 5551
f: 03 9770 5553

About Duro-Lenz Pty Ltd
Duro-Lenz is a manufacturer of digitally and screen printed badges with a durable, high gloss finish. Our two-component polyurethane coating system enhances, magnifies and gives depth of colour to the printed image. Our doming material is virtually indestructible and, one of only a few in the world that will conform to all automotive specs for exterior emblems. We can supply you with domed badges at a world standard quality level. You can print the labels and we can cut them to shape and dome them, or you can print and cut the labels and we can lens coat the labels. We offer friendly and efficient service.

e: sales@durolenz.com.au
w: www.durolenz.com.au